Under Eye Filler Auckland

Our eye area is one of the most important areas on our face. Our Eyes are not called the windows to our soul for nothing. When people meet us, the first area their eyes tract to is our eyes. What they see is how they interpret our emotions. Are we looking happy, tired, sad or angry. We can address these negative emotions with various treatments involving the peri-ocular region. The skin of our eye region is also the thinnest on our face and is the first area to show signs of ageing and poor lifestyle choices. The eye region is a very sensitive area and needs an advanced level of skill to enhance it and reduce the risk of unwanted complications.

The Angry look comes from strong frown lines between the eyebrows and low set eyebrows. This can easily be treated with muscle relaxing injections around the eye and between the eyebrows- frown. Relaxing these muscles results in the frown lines disappearing and the eyebrows lifting.

The Tired emotion comes from dark circles and hollows under the eyes called tear troughs as well as the eyes looking small. Hollows under the eye can be genetic and you have had them since childhood or can be due to the shrinking of the fat pads under our eyes as we age. A careful assessment is essential as each of these conditions is treated differently and can easily misdiagnosed. Dark circles don’t have to be accompanied with hollows but make the area look like its hollow. Precise injection of Dermal filler in the area can fill the hollows lifting the delicate skin under the eye up and making you look more awake. Carefully placed dermal filler can help with some causes of dark circles. A very soft Hyaluronic Acid filler is placed in this delicate area. Currently, there is only one product on the market with FDA approval to treat this area. This treatment takes about 30 mins in a medical clinic. There is a risk of bruising and swelling. Both of these are short lived and self-resolving should they occur. Treating under eye hollows with Dermal filler is a non-surgical treatment with minimal down-time. The results are immediately visible and improve over a 2 week period whilst the Dermal Filler settles. The treatment results usually last for up to a year at which time you may or may not need a top up.

Small eyes can be improved by using muscle relaxing injections around the eye.

A good medical grade eye cream is also essential to maintain the skin health of the delicate thin skin around the eye and treating pigmentation. It is also important to look at your lifestyle, diet and sleep patterns and improve these where possible.

It is important to remember that these treatments should be carried out by an advanced medical injector because the eye area is extremely delicate and and needs an expert delicate touch to prevent any issues. Furthermore, it’s crucial to talk with the practitioner ahead of time to go through the best filler choice for you as well as any possible dangers or side effects.

In conclusion, under-eye fillers are a non-surgical option for treating volume loss and tiny wrinkles around the delicate eyes. In order to enhance volume and restore the natural contours of the face, a little amount of filler, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, is injected into the tear trough area. The technique has few adverse effects, is comparatively painless, and yields quick results. For the greatest outcomes, it’s crucial to consult with a medic