Sonia Sang

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

I graduated from Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki with my Bachelor of Nursing in 2008. Since that time, I have practiced in New Zealand and overseas in a diverse range of settings. This has included time working in intensive care units, women’s health, rural general practices, accident and medical centres, tele-triage for general practice afterhours, ambulance Services and most extensively in Medical Aesthetics after I discovered my passion for performing cosmetic procedures. I have worked and trained closely with the best doctor and nurse injectors in the industry over the years. I attend trainings and conferences regularly to brush up my knowledge and skills relate to my job, also to update myself with new technologies, research, and injecting techniques.

I am passionate about working with my clients to achieve their aesthetic goals, this can include providing quality face and skin assessments, giving advice about skincare, setting up a cost-effective plan on how your concerns can be best addressed through the use of the most updated and researched non-surgical techniques, and finally provide you with appropriate treatments which deliver a beautiful and natural result.


I believe the use of cosmetic injectables is the ideal mix of art and science, I can use muscle relaxants such as Botox® to not only focus on wrinkle reduction but also lifting and contouring my clients face. I am constantly amazed at the results my patients achieve with platelet rich plasma (PRP). This can rejuvenate the skin naturally at cellular level leading to improvements in skin health and skin quality.  I also use Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers to treat wrinkles and hollows but more importantly to enhance my client’s natural beauty by enhancing their beautiful features.

Perfecting balance, contours, and proportions at rest and animation are vital part of all my assessment and treatment to ensure you are getting a natural result which you will be delighted with.


Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, music, the arts, and walking our dog. I love working on little projects around our house, watching my children play, and spending time with my family.

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