A non-surgical Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a liquid nose job, uses hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers to reshape and improve the appearance of the nose without the need for surgery. A medical specialist with advanced training and considerable experience in the use of injectable fillers can carry out this procedure. Traditional rhinoplasty or surgical nose job, have significant surgical risks with common adverse events and downtime. It is due to this that the Liquid Nose Job is growing in popularity.

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are used in the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty to remodel the nose. The hyaluronic Acid filler is used to elevate the nasal bridge, raise the nose tip, smooth out bumps, and balance out asymmetry. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and usually lasts for about 30 minutes.

The fact that a non-surgical nose job is a minimally invasive technique is one of its key advantages. Compared with a surgical rhinoplasty, no general anaesthesia is required, there are no incisions, and there is no recuperation period. Following the procedure, you can resume your regular activities straight away.

A non-surgical nose job has many advantages over a surgical nose job but is not without its own risks and complications. It is essential that you have a thorough assessment by an experienced injector before having this treatment and that you are fully aware of its potential risks and side effects.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is less expensive than surgical nose jobs and time of work for recovery is not necessary.

Non-Rhinoplasty results are temporary and may last up to 24 months. To maintain the result after this point, the process may need to be repeated. Nevertheless, the process can be done as often as necessary, and the outcomes can be modified as needed.

Botox injections are another non-surgical method for changing the shape of the nose. With muscle relaxing injections into the base of the nose we can elevate the tip of the nose.

The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and normally lasts for 15 minutes. Usually, the effects last three to six months.

The fact that non-surgical therapies like Botox injections and dermal fillers are minimally invasive and have few adverse effects is one of their key advantages.