Thread Lift Auckland

Threads are made from a complex sugar polydioxanone or PDO – a safe suture material that has been used for over 30 years. The threads are inserted under the skin to lift sagging tissue and improve skin elasticity, texture and fine lines.


At the Aesthetics Centre we use MINT™ Threads.  MINT™ stands for Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Thread. They are absorbable polydioxanone threads with uniquely moulded barbs strategically placed around the threads.


The thread is inserted under the skin through a tiny insertion point made under local anaesthetic. The barbs are then anchored onto the sagging tissue and the thread can be gently pulled to give you the desired lift. The PDO stimulates collagen, elastin and causes neovascularisation – improving the skin quality.


Threads are great for lifting but do not restore volume as well as Dermal filler.


There are several different techniques used for threading. These depend on the preference of the professional inserting the threads and the specific needs of the client. You will require an initial assessment where we will assess your skin, discuss your concerns and consider your treatment options. Between 2 and 20 threads may be used during a procedure.

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  • Sagging skin
  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Poor skin quality of neck, decolletage or peri-oral area.
  • Clients with thick heavy tissue
  • Clients with very thin skin
  • Clients who have had an allergic reaction to PDO

PDO threads fully dissolve in 6-9 months. During this time, new collagen is formed and the result can last up to 1 year or longer depending on your skin type and age.

PDO is a safe raw material that has been used in Orthopaedic and cardiovascular surgery for many years. It is completely absorbed by the body through hydrolysis. PDO causes minimal tissue reaction.


The MINT™ Thread has over 6 years of clinical studies backing its safety and efficacy and has FDA clearance.